Michal About Me Collage

I am truly captivated by the sea. It has always been my anchor and inspiration. The colors, the depth, the texture and patterns, the rawness, the always-changing and never-ending movements are what inspires me the most about the ocean. 

I grew up in Laguna Beach, one of the most beautiful artist towns in the world.  The ocean was my playground and as a kid I collected treasures from the sea shore - shells, rocks, crystals, and eventually turned them into jewelry - to adorn myself and others.

Jewelry was always an accessory in my life and I have always gravitated to pieces that make a statement. I make jewelry that you can feel on you, that has a weight to it, that stands out and sparks a conversation. I like my jewelry to have an organic look and feel and this has been my strength. I can make curvy asymmetrical lines flow in perfect rhythm - imperfection is sexy!

And, most importantly, my jewelry tells a story just like any art piece. There is a process to how the piece came to be, what inspired it, the flow and the finished piece. The new story begins with the person who buys it and now wears it. 

I enjoy physically being in the studio where I work in all metals, fabricating one of a kind pieces. The process and elements involved in designing jewelry, such as fire, metals, stones and textures, inspires me.  I love to work with organic materials such as wood and shells, from which I make castings and transform them into abstract designs.

I also love to sew and for a long time have been dreaming about bringing metal and leather together. I have worked on experimental designs of handbags and belts that I look forward to sharing with you soon. The journey is to keep designing, evolving, and adorning you with my designs!