Shalon Wood Slice Necklace

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Growth rings mark a complete cycle of seasons, or one year, in the tree's life. From summer when growth is slower, to drought, fires, or even when new trees grow and push/lean on the tree.

In Santa Cruz after the winter storms I’d venture into the redwoods. I remember the forest floor was so cushy from the redwood needles, perfect for running. Oh and the fresh smell of the forest, I can still smell it.

Hiking on my favorite paths, passing familiar trees and noticing the newly fallen trees. Some trees had fresh cuts to clear a path and you’d see the red sap like blood dripping.

Some trees had fallen and been cut long before, or untouched with their roots exposed.  I loved to stop feel the cross cut and count the growth rings. Wisdom at my fingertips.

When I saw a print from @bryannashgill many years ago in Colorado, I was obsessed with the simplicity of the art and most of all the old tree. I wanted to wear the tree, and I knew one day I’d have to figure out a way to turn the texture of the growth rings into metal. And I did!

Yellow Bronze casted wood slice on 18” gold plated necklace with gold fill handmade clasp.